The Procedure

  1. Consultation: After filling out a few forms, we will clean your brow area and take some “before” pictures. Then, we will measure your brows, clean up any stray hairs, and ask you a few questions about what type of shape you prefer. We will then pre-draw the shape of the brows for your approval. We can make any changes, depending on your tastes.
  2. Numbing: Once you agree to a shape, we will outline the shape and apply a numbing cream.
  3. Microblading: Before we start microblading, we will show you the tools we will be using for the procedure. We’ll explain each step as we go through each pass, to keep you informed of each stage of the process. We will also numb you again for a few minutes in between passes, to ensure that you’ll be as comfortable as possible.
  4. Aftercare: After the procedure, we will go over the aftercare information with you verbally and give you your aftercare sheet with written instructions and a lotion to take home. We will advise you when you should come back for a touch-up and give you our contact information just in case you have any questions or concerns during your healing period.