The most comprehensive Microblading training course! Many Microblading Training Courses either don’t teach you enough or are taught by instructors without much real-life Microblading experience. In this 3-Day class, Tammy will teach you everything you need to know to start your own successful Microblading business. Learn from an experienced instructor who has microbladed a lot of clients and maintained 5-star reviews. She will give you the tools you need to succeed by covering topics that most training courses will not teach you! ​

Why Become A Microblade Artist?

1.  Get in on the hottest and fastest growing trend in the beauty industry! People are obsessed with eyebrows right now and the demand for Microblading is high!

2.  Low Overhead

  • No other employees necessary, we’ll teach you how to run the business on your own!
  • Rent a salon suite instead of building out a large commercial space
  • No large equipment or machinery to purchase or lease
  • Supplies are not costly
  • Low investment needed to start
  • Make back your investment in this class with less than 10 clients

3.  High Returns

  • Make $350-$600 and up per client (depending on experience, competition, and location)
  • Most people who start their own businesses expect to claim a loss for their first year due to high overhead… but with Microblading you can make six figures in your first year in business!

Training Curriculum

Part 1: Microblading Training + Live Treatment Observation

  • What is Microblading? How long does it last?
  • How much can you charge?
  • Skin anatomy and physiology
  • Good vs. bad candidates for Microblading
  • Where to get supplies and equipment
  • Watch Tammy perform Microblading on a client
  • Setting up for a client
  • Personal protective equipment and infection control
  • Drawing brows
  • Brows for different face shapes
  • Hair patterns
  • Color theory
  • Most commonly used colors and formulas
  • Difference between blade shapes and sizes
  • Hand tools
  • Taking payments- which credit card reader should you use? 
  • Preparing the client for the procedure
  • Pre-drawing the brow shape on the client
  • Numbing the client
  • Microblading different skin types and tones
  • Applying the correct pressure
  • Correcting old brow tattoos
  • Dealing with scar tissue
  • Troubleshooting
  • Proper clean up and sanitation
  • Disposing of sharps and biohazardous waste
  • Aftercare
  • Part 2: Business Development
  • How much does it cost to start a Microblading business?
  • Licensing and permits
  • Finding a location
  • Setting up your business name
  • Professional conduct
  • Part 3: Live Models 
  • Managing clients’ expectations
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Finding models
  • Model consent forms
  • Patient intake forms, consent forms, and aftercare sheets
  • Procedure notes
  • Website development and business cards
  • Keeping client files
  • Creating a Business Activity Binder with daily logs and monthly expense reports
  • Tracking inventory of supplies
  • Taking good before and after pictures for marketing
  • Providing EXCELLENT customer service
  • Getting (and maintaining) 5-star reviews
  • Growing your business- when is it time to hire help?
  • Add-on services
  • Retailing products

Now it’s time to put everything that you’ve learned together! Practice setting up your workspace for the client, doing the client consultation including pre-draw and color selection, and practice on live models. Tammy will supervise and guide you along the way to ensure that you will be ready to take on your first real clients and get the ball rolling with your new Microblading business!

Investment $4,500 (Price Subject to Change)

Make your money back with less than 10 paying clients!

  • Certificate issued by Microblading By Tammy
  • A full student kit to start your career
  • Online ongoing support for 6 months

What is included in the Microblade Training Package?

  • Beginner class ( no experience required)
  • Working on live models
  • Certification
  • Continuous support 6 months  after class
  • 1 Complete Kit
    • 05 Pigments
    • 01 mannequin head
    • 01 shading machine
    • 02 head band
    • 02 types of Topical Gel Cream
    • 01 Drawing Pencil
    • 01 guild line ruler
    • 04 Practice Skins
    • 05 disposal Ruler
    • 20 Microblading Blades
    • 20 Shading Needles
    • 20 Pigment holders
    • 20 Microblading holders
    • 20  eyebrows brush
    • 20 pigment wands
    • 20 antiseptic wipe
    • lives model

Earning Potential

$400 Per Client  x  5 New Clients Per Week  x  50 Weeks In A Year (2 Weeks Off For Vacation)
=  $100,000 In One Year!